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    Have you ever run out of battery power and been stuck waiting for your e-cigs to re-charge? It's a bad situation that no one should have to experience. Finally, we have a solution for you that's easy, convenient, and to top it off - good-looking. Introducing the m-Power VV USB Passthrough for use with all Revolution tanks and cartridges - no recharging necessary.

    The m-Power VV replaces your e-cig battery with a wired cable. It plugs into your laptop or desktop computer and draws power from the USB port. Use it at home, in the office, or wherever you have USB power available. m-Power VV will fit all Revolution tanks and cartridges, as well as all popular EGO, VGO and CE-series tank clearomizers.

    Features a unique variable voltage circuit which allows for 4 different voltage settings. Just click the button 4 times rapidly to change the voltage level. Lower voltage means less heat and less vapor, higher voltages give more heat and more vapor. Use the purple 3.6 volt setting to get the same voltage as your standard e-cig batteries. If you're feeling adventurous, try revving up the voltage and see what you like. Be warned though, you may run through a lot of e-liquid!