m-Power Support

Help! My brand new battery won't light up!

Don't worry - press the button on the battery five times quickly to turn it on. m-Power batteries have a hold feature to prevent pressing the button when not in use, and to prevent use by minors.

The drag is very tight...What am I doing wrong?

Most likely, the airflow holes are obstructed. Use a pin or small paper clip to clear the two tiny holes on either side of the tank, and make sure you don't cover the holes while inhaling!

If this does not improve the issue, you should consider replacing the core inside the tank. After significant use, it can become clogged with liquid.

What is m-Power?

m-Power is our nickname for the next generation of e-cig technology:

  • Exceptional battery life
  • Easy refills and no leaks
  • Replaceable cores minimize waste and extra cost
  • Innovative portable power system
  • Sophisticated and functional accessories

m-Power doesn't refer to one specific thing - it's based on the idea that e-cigs can be truly awesome devices that make our lives better and easier.

How does it compare to my current e-cig?

m-Power is similar to traditional e-cigs, with a few key differences. The tank design is easy to refill and delivers a consistent drag every time. The push-button switch allows superior control over your experience. Dragging too hard is no longer an issue - in fact, tanks work better when you drag hard!

Our Slim Series e-cigs are small and portable but have shorter battery life. Slims produce slightly less vapor than m-Power, but some people prefer the small form factor. Which to use is a matter of preference; both are great e-cigs on their own.

How does it work?

Liquid and air are pulled through the core when you inhale. Pushing the button applies heat inside the core to generate vapor. Try pushing the button to 'preheat' the core before inhaling. Drag hard to pull more liquid through and create clouds of vapor.

When do I replace the core?

There's no easy answer to this question, but cores should last at least a week and likely longer. The core gets very hot during use and will eventually need to be replaced. If you notice that your e-cig starts to taste poorly and it doesn't go away, you may want to consider changing the core.

How do I know when it's done charging?

The LED ring on the battery will remain lit as the battery is charging and go out when charging is complete. If the ring does not illuminate when a depleted battery is attached, clean the metal contacts on both the charger and battery with a q-tip and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

How do I refill without spilling liquid?

Make sure you hold your e-cig upside down while refilling. Unscrew the tank and remove the core assembly. Drip liquid around the sides and avoid dripping into the center hole. Don't overfill - leave some room at the top for the core assembly to fit into place.

Will m-Power work with tanks and accessories from other suppliers?

m-Power is compatible with most eGo and eVOD batteries and tanks. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility as there can be size variations between suppliers.

What is the best PG:VG ratio for tanks?

Any e-liquid should work in a tank, but some formulations seem to work better than others. We recommend e-liquid with a higher PG content because it's thinner and will flow through the core more easily. Our Gourmet E-liquid is made with a 70:30 blend of PG:VG for a good balance of vapor and flavor, and it's thin enough to work perfectly in tanks.