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    We�re on to something here. Finally, a smokeless cigar worthy of the name. Hold it and you'll recognize the heft and papery texture of a rolled cigar. Take a puff and you'll experience a mouthful of spicy tobacco-flavored vapor. Nobody thought a smokeless cigar could taste and feel this good. We never gave up hope. Introducing REVOLUCI�N by Revolution Vapor. Enjoy all the best parts of cigar smoking without the ash and lingering smell. Need a break? Slip your cigar into a pocket and keep enjoying it for days - it�ll be as decadent as the first puff. The REVOLUCI�N e-cigar measures 6�� in length and comes preloaded with 7 mL of e-liquid (1.6% nicotine) delivering an exceptional 1,500 puffs of bliss. Available now. *REVOLUCI�N lasts from 1,500 up to 2,000 puffs, and should be disposed of when flavor diminishes