Super-flavorful e-liquid great for use in tanks, cartridges, and clearomizers

  • 70:30 PG:VG ratio
  • Vibrant gourmet flavor with pronounced 'throat hit' that best mimics the sensation of smoking
  • Available in 30mL and 60mL sizes
  • 0, 4, 8, 16, and 24 mg/mL Nicotine

A nice and pure cherry flavor.

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    A nice and pure cherry flavor.

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    North Carolina

    Sharp Cherry Flavor, like a jolly rancher

    This flavor tastes like cherry candy, like a jolly rancher. I find it to be sharp, and leaves my mouth feeling mildy acidic. I feel this flavor could use some 'spicing up' to make it more interesting, or smoother. I mixed it with other ejuices and it blended well, adding a fruit/citrus flavor to more mellow ejuices. When used by itself, I felt the flavor was lacking in depth. I have had other cherry ejuices that were more like cherry pipe tobacco, smoother and with more complex flavors.
    I rate ejuices on 3 criteria:
    1. flavor - mediocre. mixes well with other ejuices, but by itself I found it to be sharp, not smooth, and with no character to the flavor (like a free lollipop)
    2. throat hit - strong 'throat hit', could make my throat mildly sore
    3. coil longevity - this flavor lasts long with my coils, some ejuice flavors can burn or clog your coils quicker than others, this flavor is lighter and lets the coils last longer